Innovation to your success

Limbraco has enjoyed a reputation for innovative thinking since its inception in 1973. Our constant drive for innovation has led to the completion of countless successful projects. Founded within a hub of agricultural activity in the south of the Netherlands, Limbraco rapidly carved out a niche by specializing in developing innovations for the entire mushroom sector.


Limbraco ('Limburg Brabant Consortium') was founded in 1973. At that time, Limbraco mainly focused on supplying the pig industry and horticultural sector. In 1979, the company Poels Machinebouw was acquired, which was mainly active in the production of shelving and machines for mushroom growing. That is how we also gained a foothold in the mushroom sector which, at that time, was undergoing radical modernization. Slowly but surely, Limbraco started to specialize more in the automation of picking and cutting companies. Within Limbraco, the mushroom sector expanded further still during the subsequent years, whereas the other sectors were scaled down.

The late 2000s saw significant growth in international operations, resulting in major foreign contracts. Limbraco focuses in particular on the “high-income countries”, such as Australia, Canada and the European mushroom  producers. 

Approximately 30 people now work at our manufacturing facility, which has been located on Expeditiestraat in Horst, the Netherlands, since 2009. Everything is engineered and produced in-house at this site. Limbraco realizes turnkey projects, but also supplies individual components and machines, where quality always comes first. Limbraco works on many high-tech projects, with an emphasis on reducing labor costs. Comprehensive automation of various processes at a farm is our number one priority.



Manufacturing of the requisite equipment and parts takes place at our spacious manufacturing facility in Horst, the Netherlands. This facility presents us with the opportunity to work with the latest measuring equipment, enabling all parts to be tested extensively before being transported. In early 2018, our manufacturing facility was extended by 350 m2. The adjacent business premises were purchased in late 2022, providing us with the opportunity to expand by 1,750 m2 in 2024.


We engineer and realize projects for mushroom production in the Netherlands, but predominantly also at global level. We specialize in constructing turnkey projects; we build mushroom farms in partnership with local contractors, or using our own team of specialized staff.

All over the world, our team of experienced and dedicated staff are ready to serve you by offering a complete package of products and services. From the design stage to completion, your specific requirements can be met by capable hands at Limbraco. We can also manufacture and deliver all the machines, climate control systems, computer systems and other equipment needed for successful and profitable yields.

We are also happy to advise you on the best way of upgrading an existing farm, to maximize efficiency and profitability.

We are happy to help you achieve years of successful harvests


One of Limbraco’s top priorities is to continually improve and develop existing and new technologies. Examples in last 15 years are our highly successful single-layer and subsequent double-layer harvesting systems. But also the packaging robot and not to forget the still very popular electrical-hydraulic PL.100 harvesting lorries and HT.100 harvesting trolleys which are available in various versions and price ranges.

Our latest eye-catcher is the new harvesting belt system in combination with our harvesting trolley and standard shelvings. This system will significantly increase harvesting performance and can be used in new and in the most existing mushroom farms. Under the motto "keep it simple", important advantages of this system are that traditional harvesting can still be done during pre-picking and in the unlikely event of a system breakdown. Also in terms of investment costs, this system will be within reach for many business owners. 

Ask us what we can do for your company. 

We are happy to advise you on upgrading existing projects, expansion projects and manufacturing and supply of machines and other equipment. All with the aim of helping you achieve years of successful harvests.

One thing is paramount at Limbraco: “Innovations to your success”


In addition to their role as a turnkey contractor and producer from machines in the mushroom industry, Limbraco has moved also into Mycelium growing in 2023. 
The applications of Mycelium seems almost unlimited. In a world where veganism is gaining ground and circularity is increasingly important, we see that Mycelium can be used for multiple applications. Think about high quality vegan leather, replacing meat products in the food industry and producing degradable products such as coffins.

Limbraco is able to innovate because they have formed a strategic partnership with Ecovative (US) and Loop Biotech (NL).

  • Ecovative designs and produces sustainable alternatives in several industries by using AirMycelium.
  • Loop Biotech is founder and producer of the “living” coffins and urns. These are reabsorbed by nature in 45 days, which close the natural circle. 

Limbraco can be significance valuable in producing and harvesting of Mycelium through their developing, engineering and production of machinery, air handling systems and racking. Through years of expertise in the mushroom industry in terms of machine construction, air handling equipment and by using the  VEC41 computer system, Limbraco is very flexible to integrate all these necessary technologies to achieve succesfull projects.