Construction is a broad concept at Limbraco. Whether your project requires us to supply the entire steel structure, or just the support beams for the door rail systems, door systems, sandwich panel structures or shelving. You can discuss more or less all requirements you may have with our sales department, and during a follow-up meeting with our project engineers.

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When we are commissioned to carry out a turnkey project on your behalf, or if you would also like us to supply and erect the steel structure, we will bring in our highly skilled partner companies to assist with this. They and, if necessary, local contractors, will make all the required calculations. This means that the structure can be built anywhere in the world without difficulty. Our staff are happy to discuss this with you.

Sandwich panels

Our sandwich panels are made in Germany and are therefore classed as “Deutsche Gründlichkeit” (“German Precision”). The sandwich panels are manufactured with the utmost care and quality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand. Our panels are food grade and are provided with paint protection of the highest quality. When used in the mushroom growing sector, the panels are also provided with ‘FS4000 quality protection’. This results in the top quality required for the extreme conditions in the growing rooms. Our double-profiled ceiling panels, with a 100-mm thickness, are unique. These guarantee a clear span of up to 7 meters, with minimal suspension and a full factory guarantee.



Properly closing doors are very important in the mushroom growing sector. Firstly, to guarantee a good climate in the growing room, and secondly to keep out pests and diseases. Our doors are made from the same high-quality sandwich panels as the walls and ceilings. The guiding systems and door fittings are of equal importance. We only produce top quality. If required, lift-slide doors can be fitted with (overpressure) emergency doors or overpressure shutters. The door carriage is operated manually or by means of a hydraulic unit. Our sales department can provide you with further information.

Growing shelf systems

Limbraco supplies galvanized steel and aluminum shelf systems. Galvanized steel shelf systems are popular in the farms that utilize mechanized harvesting techniques. The aluminum shelf systems are becoming increasingly popular here too. Limbraco is able to offer the top-quality aluminum shelf systems at affordable prices as we purchase these directly. This allows us to cater for almost all preferences. From our standard shelf systems to extra-reinforced designs. Are you looking for shelving for your farm that deviates from the norm? Discuss your requirements with us; in most cases we will be able to offer a suitable solution.
Limbraco is always moving forward. We have identified a market need for air mycelium. This mycelium is grown to produce vegetarian food and many other products. Limbraco has developed modified shelving for this purpose which, along with the perfect climate, ensures ideal conditions for your substrate.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us for either technical or functional information. We are happy to help you.