Field staff and office-based staff work in the controls department. The field staff are mainly involved in industrial electrical installations of climate computer systems. The office-based staff mainly focus on cabling and starting up Limbraco’s own machines, as well as the production of our own control cabinets.

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Fancom climate control systems

Limbraco offers the Fancom computer system that helps you growing on the right track. This is a state-of-the-art system and comfortably meet the requirements of a reliable computer system for mushroom growing. This system is equipped with clearly legible touchscreens which are very easy to operate.
In addition, parameters such as temperatures, moisture deficit, moisture content, CO² content, inlet air conditions, etc. are monitored and controlled in this system. The entire growing process can be monitored and adjusted where necessary from the central PC using the Fancom visualization software “FarmManager”. Clear graphs and log files can be viewed on the PC.
The systems is suitable for phase 1 bunker composting (in- and outdoor), phase 2 and phase 3 tunnel systems and for mushroom growing rooms. But also as controllers for automated and static watering systems.
The Fancom system comes in its familiar green polycarbonate enclosure but is also in multiple setups available in a stainless steel enclosure equipped with the Limbraco corporate identity.

Panel building and controls

The office-based staff construct the control cabinets for systems that have been developed by Limbraco, such as pressure-boosting systems, harvesting systems and air-conditioning systems. All controls for Limbraco’s machines are also manufactured and installed in-house.

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Electrical installation

Our field staff install the entire industrial electrical installation in the Netherlands. For installations abroad, we work in partnership with local electrical firms that we contract for this purpose. The advantage of this is that we know precisely the required capabilities, number of groups and the total capacity of the installation. 
Furthermore, the field service staff install our computer systems and other electrical control systems throughout the world, where necessary in cooperation with a local company.

Our engineers know better than anyone how to combine the technical possibilities with the challenges of mushroom growing 'on the ground'.