Automating mushroom harvesting is a continually evolving process. ‘To stand still is to go backwards’ is a particularly relevant quote in this respect. Limbraco has developed a wide range of machines designed to optimally automate the processes on your mushroom farm or composting plant.

Manual harvest

For farms that harvest manually, we offer various practical products and machines, all of which contribute to increasing efficiency aimed at maximising results and minimising labour costs.

Our range covers simple picking lorries to the very latest electric-hydraulic picking lorries. These lorries can be justifiably labelled the flagships for manual harvesting. Depending on the available space in your growing rooms, the lorries can be customised to your specifications. These electric or electric-hydraulic lorries are available in various versions, depending on your requirements and budget.

We also supply a whole range of other machines that will help you achieve the very best results: filling the growing rooms, harvesting and emptying the growing rooms.

The range include ruffling machines, pulling winches, emptying winches, net cleaning machines and much more. All our machines are manufactured to suit your specifications.

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Mechanised harvest

Limbraco is also the ideal partner for mechanised mushroom farms. We manufacture and supply stem removers, mechanical harvesting machines, harvesting conveyors, grading and quality conveyors and electric-hydraulic harvesting machines.

These machines are manufactured entirely in our own production facility in Horst (NL). We also test the machines in-house before delivery to the customer. We can also commission the machines if required. After sales and service for our machines are top priorities: should you unexpectedly have a problem, we are always ready to help you.

You can also call on Limbraco’s services for periodical maintenance. Please contact us for more information about the options, or find the latest product information in our downloads section.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities.

After sales and service are top priorities: should you unexpectedly have a problem, we are always ready to help you„